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sounds of white rapping

Hi, I'm jacob...

I knew when I was a little boy that I wanted to be an entertainer.  I had to be.  There has always been an ocean of creation within me.  It had to be freed before its fire could consume me...

Music Videos and Movies

30 years of creation.  Here you can see some of the Crimson Orchid music videos.  Below them you will find SOME examples of the independent movies and shorts I've had the great luck to be a part of.

The Bear Maiden
Crimson Orchid

No one expected HIM
By Crimson Orchid

Death is not for everyone
By Crimson Orchid


"Without music, life would be a mistake"
"What is life without creation"

Friedrich Nietzsche


Rhythms of the Damned



Now you've seen some of what I can bring to the table.  and there's so much more.  Hit me up!
"our doors are always open and our tables never full"
let's make history together

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